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Female Body: Myths and Facts


Being beautiful is very important for every woman. But what do we know about the female body and how to protect the beauty? Check some of the most common myths and facts and you`ll be


1. Crossed legs cause varicose veins: Myth

There is no medical study proving this correlation, but still, be careful, when crossing your legs.

2.High heels may cause varicose veins: Fact

Unfortunately that’s true. But that does not mean you should give up your favourite high heels immediately – just take care of your feet and take off the heels whenever possible. Make sure you

wear flat shoes, too.

3.Olive oil and cocoa oil remove the stretches: Myth

The stretches are actually located deep into the skin, so no creams, oils etc. could penetrate that much and heal them.

4. Can`t smell your own perfume, if you wear it for a long time: Fact

That`s true and you know it. Sometimes you even feel sorry you cannot smell your own perfume, as it is simply gorgeous, right?

5. Losing weight leads to cellulite removal: Myth

Oh, I wish this was true, but … Well, body weight and cellulite are not as related as you may think, so good luck fighting it.



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