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Fashionable Summer Shoes – from Zori to Flip Flops


Among the top summer shoes this season were moccasins, flip flops, clogs, and zori, and teva. Zori are a type of Japanese sandals, traditionally made from lacquered wood, cloth, rubber, or rice straws. Today, they are made from synthetic and plant fibers. Some tatami sandals feature rubber soles, woven straw tops, and velvet straps. These sandals are great footwear because they allow the feet to breathe and are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Teva shoes are another variety – a type of sports sandals that work much like water shoes. Teva sandals are a great choice for women who are into water sports.

Flip flop sandals feature two straps, a rubber sole, and a simple design. There are flat and heeled varieties. Flip flops are made from different materials and fabrics, including suede, leather, plastic, and foam. Some footwear designers also use hemp and recycled rubber. Clog sandals come in different models and styles, including toe peg styles, whole-foot clogs, and overshoes. Given the versatility of styles, it is not surprising that clogs have made a comeback into the avenue of style. Women can choose from different types, including leather, suede, canvas, and wooden clogs.


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