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Fashion Wars – 2013 vs 2003


In just 10 years the world of fashion has changed around so much. If you dive deep into your wardrobe, you are probably going to find your old velour sweatsuit and a pair of hoop earrings. Well, the “good old times” are over, 2013 is also almost over, so let`s make a brief comparison of the fashion trends in 2003 and 2013.

Don`t get nostalgic, most of the 2003 fashion trends are gone for a good reason!

2003 :  Fedora – Jason Mrazz and Briteny Spears

2013: Taylor Swift porkpie hats were a total hit

2003: The Dark Hair on the Bottom

2013:The Ombre Hair

2003: Kelly Clarkson`s tiny Scarf

2013: Scarves got bigger and bigger

2003: The dawn of Butt Logos

2013: Cut-out  dresses are the king

2003: Can you imagine – velour sweatsuits

2013: Can you imagine – wedge sneakers

2003: Hoop earrings

2013: Skater Dresses

2003: The lead singer of Train wore this nice shirt

And Justin Timberlake demonstrated this classic everydude look.

2013:Everyone is in a contest to see how much plaid they can wear.

2003: Tall boots were high heeled and pointy, especially if you were going to kiss Madonna.

2013: Tall boots were flat.

Unless it was a wedge boot.

2003: The faux hawk.

2013: Mustaches.

And also faux mustaches.

2003: John Mayer and Justin Timberlake wore some nice, loose-fitting khaki pants.

2013: Fancy sweatshirts are a thing.

2003: Britney Spears wore this.

2013: Katy Perry wore this.

2003: Jeans with the faux crotch crinkles were all over the place.

2013: Peplums were all over the place.

2003: Denim miniskirts seemed like a good idea.

2013: High-waisted shorts seemed like a good idea.

2003: You might spot a Muppet coat.

2013: You still might spot a Muppet coat.

2003: Justin Timberlake wore this cool hat.

2013: Now he wears this hat.

2003: This Louis Vuitton bag everywhere.

2013: Chambray everywhere.

2003: Cargo pants, some cropped, were king.

2013: Crop tops were king.

2003: The golden era of popped collars.

2013: Buttoned-up collars, not a pop in sight.






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