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Fashion Trends for Spring 2015


Spring is alsmost here. And it is time to get prepared for whatever it is coming our way. I am already dreaming for the beautiful warm, yet not too hot spring days that I will enjoy to the fullest.

Spring opts for more colorful clothes and lighter fabrics. Which is actually amazing. Throught the transition out bodies feel better, because of the more colorful and lighter clothes. We start glowing and go back in the sun – start getting a tan. And that is amazing!

Every spring there is some new trend. And things come and go and they rotate. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to wear those beautiful clothes!


Denim has been on trend for a while no. No matter the seaosn denim is always appropriate and wearable. But for spring we should try out denim shirts and jackets. The jackets are perfect, because they can go over anything. No matter the style or fabric. Imagine how perfect in spring would be to wear some white jeans and pear them with a beautiful denim shirt. Do you want it to be spring yet?


Bohemian style has been in trend at one or another point. And why shouldn’t it be. It is beautiful and could flatter literally anyone! Maxi dresses in prints would be perfect, especially for the hotter days. Just find the right colors for you. Also bohemian tunics can be paired with anything and could work for any occasion.


Tunics, dresses, skirts, shirts – anything! Paired with a crop jacket anything asymetrical would look amazing. First of all it is a chnge of style. Then it could look good on anyone. And then asymetrical tops could be pulled of in any gabric. So this is good. Something different this spring. Yey for creativity.


Tailored pants and pant suits will be the ‘to go’ outfit for the working girl… and the fashionista probably too. Imagine yourself in the perfect pant suit – tailored and you killig in it! It sounds nice right? Tailored jackets and pant suits could be paired with huge jewels. Especially ig you are into black. Also don’t be afraid of bold colors. I am sure you can rock a beautiful red or fuchsia.


Patterns have been on trend in the winter for button ups. And they won’t be gone in the spring too. But they will be a different kind – gingham. It is a style that is appropriate for almost anyone. And could look cool with jeans or a skirt. Choose a short sleeve or sleevless button up.


Can we go without metallic? It ups out fashion game. And could be something bright and different for our wardrobe. A skirt paired with a bacis plack t-shirt could work perfectly. Also black jeans or white with a mettallic short sleeved top would be and amazing combo.


Lace is one of the most beautiful things in fashion. They could be both very delicate or a heavier version. Depending on the model of the clothing or what we pair it we could achive different effect. Dresses with lace finish would look amazing paired with some platform sandals. Also tunics with bare back would look amazing from that same material.


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