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Fashion Gone Wrong!


We put celebs on a pedestal with their beautiful looks, lucious locks, expensive clothes, designer shoes and perfect make-up (may we add that are all done by stylists thats are paid too much money!).

But we have to say, there are some days where seriously, the stylist needs to be sacked!

Lets take a look at some looks that shouldnt have been seen by anyone, let alone the whole world!


Kim Kardshian NO!

Kim is normally always looking elegant but I guess she was having a bit of an off day here! Looks like she stole grandmas curtains to make pants!


We could share hundreds of horror fashion pics of Miley Cyrus but this has to be one of the worst.

New stylist required immediately!


Madonna, the queen of pop was seen out in what we can only describe as a ‘green twig!’ not really sure what fashion or season this one was belonging too!


Ok, im not saying that people shouldnt be unique, but Nicki Minaj just took this way to far (although its a change that she had clothes on!)


Kirsten seriously needs to send an immediate memo to sack the stylist, we have no words or explanation for this one!

Its a lot more than just an ‘off’ day!


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