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Fantastic Pastel Colours Nail Art


Each season brings something new for our beauty. The colors are highly important. The spring will be remembered with the pastel colors, bright pastel colors. These warm, happy shades are popular and they’ll never fade away. They can be worn alone or as a part of nail decoration. You can try your favorite colors in matte, soft glitter or shiny types of nail polishes. These colors are amazing because they have a flattering effect to all skin tones.

You can aply pastel colors according yo your mood. Soft, neutral, nude pink is great for work. Your nails will look healthy and strong, which is great, because the most beautiful thing of the world is the natural look. Or a blue orchid, vintage color will bring you dreamy vibe. These colors could be a perfect match for every occasion, they are bouquets of colors and you’ll feel free and happy while wearing the vintage, pastel style all over you.

If the pink, peachy and creamy shades are too sweet for you, you definitely should try the green ones. They are soft, but a little bit more conservative and formal.

Keep searching and you’ll find the perfect pastel color for you, while doing that check out this nail art and enjoy it:

I absolutely adore this nail art, as it is colourful, feminine and bright. An amazing, smooth combination of pastel tones, which blend into each other.

It does take some time to make, but the good news is that this awesome idea is not difficult to do at all. So you will need nail polish in a variety of pastel colours.

1. Paint your nails white and let them dry

2. Use a sponge and apply a layer of pink, peach and blue. That’s the famous Ombre effect.

3. Apply glitter top coat.

4. Let it dry and apply cleat top coat just over it

5.Add a few purple dots, using a big dotting tool

6.With another tool make a few white dots

7. Use a mini striper brush to give the direction you`d like

8. Wait for a while and apply clear top coat

That`s it really. It requires some time, but it is totally worth it! Enjoy.




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