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Fall Trend 2014 – Cardigans


The time has come – the chilly weather, the wind, the cozy and warm clothes, the Fall is here and with it the new Fall trends of 2014. We need to talk about cardigans. They bring warmth and sense of home, the smell of home-baked cookies and delicious glass of milk. But cardigans are also a great fashion trend for this Fall. It couldn’t be any greater – your favorite piece of clothing is also highly fashionable! This year we will enjoy the long cardigans. It’s great because you can both wear the long cardigan as outerwear or underneath your coat when it’s really, really cold out there. Prepare for the cold months with this must-wear fashion trend – the long cardigan. Check out our ideas for making the cardigan an inseparable part of your Fall outfit:

Shoes. You can match the long cardigan with almost everything. I would exclude sneakers. But according to the cardigan type you can put on knee-high boots if your cardigan is loose. But you can afford wearing high heels if you put on a waist belt or if the cardigan is taken-in-the-waist model. Both big, rough shoes and tiny tight one will look great combined with long cardigan.

The rest of the outfit. Here is the place to play with your imagination, fashion opinion and style taste. A long cardigan is a piece of cloth which can be combined with all kinds of clothes, you just have to consider the model/type of the cardigan. When it comes to the jeans, it’s preferable to wear tight jeans. Although the cardigan is tight, the fabric itself (wool for instance) will make the illusion that you look bigger, but if you rely on the skinny jeans your look will be perfect. Now combine that skinny jeans with white, simple shirt. Putting a cardigan on top of that will give you pleasant and cozy look. Match such an outfit for the casual Friday at work and you’ll see how fast this trend will spread among your colleagues. You can be so much elegant while wearing a cardigan. The right way to do that is to put on a dress underneath it. Choose semi-formal dress, an inch or two shorter than the length of the cardigan and put on knee-high boots. This outfit is perfect for a date. Go get it, girls! But what if you just want to hang out with friends and show off the new cardigan you bought – put on shorts and warm, thick tights. Choose some comfy ankle-high boots and your look is both casual and stylish. There are so many different ideas for outfits with a long cardigan, you just have to try them on and choose your favorite one.

Accessories. It’s a great idea to put on long necklaces while wearing a cardigan. Also a scarf wouldn’t hurt your look, otherwise, it will bring the whole outfit a finishing detail. Choose small, decorative scarf for work and huge, loose one for casual appointments.

Bags. Huge bags are perfect for cardigans. Cross-body bags will also look great on you while wearing long, warm cardigan.

After all, wearing a long cardigan is about your taste and preferences. Enjoy and have a warm day!


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