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Fall Lipstick – Plum Dream


The Fall has come. It’s sad and we miss the summer, but there is nothing we can do about it. Warm scarfs and jackets easily get rid of the light dresses and tops. The colors are not the same either. The bright colors made room for the dark, natural ones. And our lips should become darker and heavier. We suggest you the Plum color! This color is complicated and natural. It’s something between violet and brown, but you should know that it’s not a universal color. This color won’t match with every skin color and you should experiment first before you decide to go out with it. If you can’t take a decision yourself, ask a friend for an opinion.

The Plum lipstick is not a casual or ordinary color. You should wear it on a special occasion, because it brings more special look – fancy, luxury, gothic and sophisticated. It also depends on the makeup you are wearing. You should be careful with the eye shadows and the blush or the foundation. You should be led by the Plum lipstick.

How to wear Plum Lipstick

This lipstick color is a combination between brown, violet and dark pink in different shades with different saturation. It is one of the most amazing Fall trend, but you should know which shade is perfect for your face and how to wear it. The basic rule is: the darker your skin is, the darker color you can afford to apply. If your complexion color is bright you should go for brighter tone of the Plum lipstick, the one with reddish undertones and you should stay away from those with violet undertones.

Wearing a dark lipstick automatically puts the lights on the lips. That’s why you should be careful with the eyes, but in no condition your should forget about defining the eyes and the eyelashes. You should find the balance, because dark lips without eye makeup are as not good as dark lips with too much eye makeup.

The eyes

The best colors for your eyes while you wear Plum lipstick are the natural, earth colors – beige, champagne, brownish, silvers. Add an eye liner or eye pencil to that if you are with darker skin tone, or brown eye liner/pencil if you have lighter skin. You can afford to put on some more mascara, because your eye makeup is light and easy.

The face

It’s recommended not to use too much powder. But the blush is a MUST. Without a blush you risk to look pale and tired.

Now you are prepared for the new Fall trend and remember that dark lipstick should be applied with lip-brush. That way you’ll define perfectly your lips. Put on a fancy dress and your Fall look is ready to bring you compliments!



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