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Fall 2014-2015 Trends: Part 2


Continuing the list of awesome trends for fall 2014-2015, here are a few that are either just hits from previous seasons or simply a surprise for the upcoming colder months!

  • Flowy, Feminine Chiffon: When an outfit is build on contrast, it looks bolder and cooler, with a lot more imagination, so when approaching chiffon, yous should think about matching it with rough textures like wool, for instance. Wear an elegant chiffon dress with a coat and knee-high suede boots and you will get a great stylish look!

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Jumpsuits: Sleeveless or not, maybe the only rule when wearing a jumpsuit is to match it with cool heels to elongate your figure. Otherwise, you can throw on a biker jacket or a blazer and you’re ready to go!

 fall 4

fall 5

    • A-Line Mini & Midi Skirt: The retro feel that the A-line creates is a great, timeless look, but now it is even on-trend and everyone is captivated by its charm. The A-line is an alternative to petite girls who cannot wear these difficult midi lengths, even with heels (or are not just confident enoug to do it!)

skirt fall


  • Florals: …for Fall? Groundbreaking! Trying to quote Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, where she accuses an editor of being unoriginal when she proposes floral prints for a spring issue, now we can have the opposite reaction! Florals are indeed usually a spring thing, it is true, but this year things have changed. Combining florals with monochrome to let the colors stand out and adding edgy leather is again the good old contrast approach which is always stylish!

floral fall

  • Geometrical & Bright Prints: There is not a lot to say here, besides the fact that prints are growing bolder and are now hardly ever avoided! Everyone is wearing them and the crazier, the better! Don’t be scared to mix and match different prints all the time.






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