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Fall 2014-2015 Trends: Part 1


As October approaches and the weather reminds us that fall comes swiftly and surprisingly, we start thinking about the fall trends and what should we be looking out for in fashion. However, 2014-2015 trends are a little different than usual. Yes, we have the typical darker colors and heavy textures, but there are also a few staple pieces and colors that are typically associated with spring or even summer. We cannot tell you how and why this has happened, but to be honest, we think it is interesting, different and some kind of a comfort that even though we need to await for six months until the weather gets warm again, we can remember about it through our closets!

  • Pastels: Pastels everywhere: shoes, coats, bags, dresses, suits… Pastels are usually an absolute spring trend, but they have had such a strong presence in the fashion world this year, that they are slowly making their way into fall fashion. Baby blue and nude coats are definitely a must-have, besides the streets will look so much happier when not everyone is wearing black outerwear!



Two-Piece Sets: These interesting outfits have made their way into the colder months too, but maybe you will need to add a nice coat or a pair of leggings, so that you are not cold. Another option is to wear a  blouse under the crop top and match

the co-ord with a pair of knee-high or biker boots.


  • Sneakers / Trainers: Again, something that is not entirely new. Trainers and sneakers, the sportier the better, have been a hit among bloggers and fashionistas. We still have some doubts about wearing very sporty shoes with elegant pencil skirts, but if you feel bold enough, why not try it!


  • Oversized Clutches: They are a great staple accessory, and even though they are not the most comfortable bag since they have no straps, they are fabulous and we definitely give it a thumbs up! The other cool thing about them is versatility: they can be elegant and casual, taken from day to evening!




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