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Face Contouring – One More Idea


Face contouring is a widely discussed topic in the world of makeup and it is not illegal if you don`t know how to contour your face properly.

In this tutorial, you`ll see one more contouring idea, which will give your face its best look – just make sure your face shape matches the model`s one, otherwise this way of contouring might not be suitable for you.

As usually, we need a lighter and a darker shade, which we`ll blend together at the end. Apply the light foundation first as shown on the picture. Then literally contour your face, using the dark shade.

Use a clean blending brush, to give your face a smooth look. Take care of your eyebrows – we`ve shown you how to do it numerous times. Simply use eyebrow pencil and a little bit of foundation.

When you are done with the eyebrows, it is time to think of a suitable eye makeup and a stunning lipstick. That`s all – enjoy your day!


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