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Eyebrows ARE important!


Have you ever imagined what you would look like with really bad eyebrows?

Or none at all for that matter?!

We show you in our DIY section how to look after and treat them to have perfectly gorgeous brows..

All we gotta say is…. these people missed our tutorials and went on their own styling mission!

Needless to say, we got some people who just dont understand that eyebrows are soooo very important to our looks!

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There could be a pot of gold at the end of these brow-bows!

download (2) (4)

She wanted them a little thicker and voila, the weird transformation is now complete!

 images (11) (2)

Dying your eyebrows a crazy color is not big nor clever kids!

images (12) (3)

Its just down right scary!

images (13) (3)

Ladies, tip of the day – eyebrows come in a pair (which means two!)

images (14) (4)

Ultimate fail indeed!

 images (16) (3)

This is seemingly the gold club wax look!

images (17) (3)

Ok we discussed permanent make up and the greatness it can do but never, I repeat NEVER try to change your eyebrows to circles or squares or triangle or any other shape…. Other than an eyebrow!!



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