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Expensive Fabrics for Designer Clothing and Apparel


There are expensive fabrics and materials for designer clothing and footwear. Among the most expensive fabrics are fur, silk, and wool from Vucana sheep.

Silk is known as a royal fabric, and there are different varieties, including Charmeuse, velvet, spider, Muga, and Mulberry silk. Mulberry silk, in fact, is the world’s most expensive silk and fabric in general. This type of fabric is of superior quality, and the process has been perfected for centuries in China. The silkworms eat a special diet of mulberry leaves. With time, their weight increases up to 10,000 times, and they are strong enough to spin the cocoon. The special diet and pampering environment are what make mulberry silk one of the finest and most durable fabrics. It is also 100 percent hypoallergenic. Leopard fur is also an expensive fabric and the most expensive fur fabric. Skin trade is actually illegal because of the rapidly declining leopard populations. A leopard print coat can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars. There are other expensive fur types. A Russian sable coat can cost you close to $60,000. Golden Russian sable coats are even more expensive. You can buy a Canadian sable jacket for just $15,000 while fur trims are less expensive. In general, soft fur is used to manufacture shoes, accessories, and clothing. There are different types of fur such as grey wolf, sable, raccoon, otter, and mink. Other types include rabbit, marten, golden jackal, and faux. Some types are more expensive while others are more commonly used.

Some expensive furs are actually overprized. Russian belly lynx coats are extremely expensive. A coat can cost you over $160,000. Red fox fur coats are less expensive but still cost a few thousand dollars. Red fox is found in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. Designers feature fox fur coats with satin lining, interior and slit pockets, and other details. The fur is fluffy and soft to touch.

In addition to silk and fur, there are expensive types of wool. The Vulcana sheep wool, for example, is quite expensive. It costs up to $3,000 per yard. This means that a scarf made from wool costs about $20,000. Other expensive types of wool are available, and cashmere wool is one example. Cashmere wool costs up to $150 per kilogram. A cashmere sweater can cost you about $500. The reason why it is so expensive is that the production process takes a lot of time. Two make one sweater, you need wool from two goats. The production process is labor-intensive because hair is sorted by hand. Cashmere wool is also expensive because of its rarity. Sheep wool is produced at a rate of 2 million tons per year. In comparison, just 6,500 tons of cashmere wool are produced. In addition to cashmere wool, there are various types of wool fabrics, for example, flat woven, woolen, worsted, plain weave, and others. Unusual types of wool include merino, camel hair, angora, llama, and others.


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