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Essential Oil – Character And Usage


There are a lot of essential oil types – from aromatization for a bathtub to oils which can completely change your mood and brain activity. You have oils for an increased vitality, sexual desire, complete removal of apathy, comfort and tranquility.

The essential oils have their medical characteristic and are often used for curing illness. They can also work well for the skin itself. As I said, there are many types of essential oils. Below, I will introduce you to some of them.



This is a medical method with the usage of natural aromas, which can help normalizing the psychical condition, balance the organism’s processes and help the increasing of the stability against the unhealthy outsiders. The medical power of the aromatherapy can help a person to restore his internal power.

The essential oil does you nothing bad even if you overuse it, it is not addictive and its effectiveness does not decrease when you use them often.

Basic Rules Of Usage

The essential oil in cosmetic products are not purely used, which can make your skin itch and redden, and overall become more sensitive. The natural oils are usually mixed with creams and masks. Adding essential oil to the products by yourself, however, is not a good idea.

If it ever gets in contact with your eyes, you must immediately wash them with water. Do not worry if after using them your skin is slightly red – it is normal to happen sometimes. However, if it starts itching and hurting, you have probably either overdosed or this oil is not compatible with your body.

When you first use an essential oil, study its activity on you. For example, the oil can be the perfect one for you skin, but it’s aroma can start being unhealthy or you can simply not stand its smell. Read the oil’s instructions before using it carefully and decide by yourself which one you need.

During pregnancy the oils can have a bad effect on you. They can even lead to epilepcy and spasms and you must avoid them. Again, read the instructions carefully.

The Character Of The Oils

Refreshing:  mint, lemon, mandarine, lavender, pine.

Cleaning: lavender, orange, rose, lemon, tea, dove’s foot.

Harmony: mandarine, orange, rose, sandalwood, geranium, jasmine.

Relaxation: lavender, rose, sandalwood, orange, basil, common balm, cedar.

Calming: geranium, jasmine, common balm.

Sensitivity: dove’s foot, jasmine, mandarine, orange, rose, sandalwood, bergamot, rosemarine, ylang ylang.

Anti-stress: bergamot, dove’s foot, jasmine, lavander.

Aphrodisiac: rose, salvia, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood.


Now, that you know a  little bit more about the essential oils, go ahead and try them!



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