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Elegant Updo


These days we are able to create out own hairstyles, nail decorations, makeup designs, even clothes. Which means that you can prepare your look from tips to toes all by yourself. Let’s say that you have a prom coming up or a formal work cocktail party. You can save so much money only by skipping the appointments in the beauty salon – hair, makeup, nails. So far you saved about $150, which you can use for buying a better dress. Check out how you can prepare your look, let’s start with the hairstyle today.

One of the most elegant hairstyle that I know is the rolled updo. Some girls will say that it is more appropriate for a casual hairstyle than a formal, elegant one, but with the right accessories and the right outfit and makeup, it will turn into amazing formal and neat hairstyle.

Check out for what I am talking about:

  • Now take a large strand from the front section and tuck it under the strip of the headband. Take another stand and do the same. Keep rolling and tucking until you lift up the whole hair.
  • Now take a headband. Choose it according to the occasion. For a formal event you are allowed to use a headband that has gems and studs on it. Place it on the head, on top of the hair. Don’t pull the hair from underneath the band. Leave it the way you’ve put it.
  • Brush your hair neat and apply light-formula stylizing mousse. It will be easier for you to shape the hair when it is covered with some kind of stylizing mousse. Brush the hair to the back in order to remove the path in the middle. Or just flip the hair one side, by creating two uneven parts.
  • Last touches by tucking and pulling the headband closer to the neck and your elegant hairstyle is done! Enjoy it!

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