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Edgy classy eyes


Edgy, classy eyes to go!


Does Victoria Beckham or Scarlet Johansson’s beautiful eye makeup make you think ‘I wish I could do that?’


Well turn that frown upside down because we’re going to show you one of the hottest trends right now that are seen on all the stars and to make it even better it’s easy and fast to do!


From eye liner to eye shadows, we love to bring you new, beautiful eye makeup ideas and this one is simply amazing!


Purple and green never normally go together but when it comes to make up it’s a match made in heaven!


Easy, fast, fabulous…


  1. Start by adding a base coat to your eye lids – we love MAC Painterly Pot


  1. Apply green eye shadow (color of your choice) with an eye shadow brush. Apply the green color to the whole of the lid and in the corner of the eye (shown in picture)


  1. Next, apply the purple eye shadow to the upper lid and under the eye


  1. Apply black liquid liner to the top of the lid and in the corner of the eye. When applying to the top of the lid add a ‘flick like cat eye design’ to the corner of your eye


  1. Apply purple colored eye liner


  1. Finally, add your mascara and make it as dramatic as possible


Beautiful – you’re done with your look, enjoy!




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