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Easy Tips on Nail Care at Home


Our nails can be one of the most annoying parts of out beauty routine since they can easily break, require a lot of time to make them look beautiful and you need a lot of skill and care to make them look excellent. In the same time it is very easy to notice if there is something wrong with them. If you want to prevent your nails from damaging here are a few tips on how to take care of your nails in a home environment, without the need to visit any professsional salon or buy any expensive new products:

1. Making your Nail Polish Last Longer: No one is happy when their nailpolish starts to flake off. To prevent that from happening, soak your nails in white vinegar for a few seconds just before you apply your nail polish. You can also put nail polish remover on your nails right before you paint them makes your manicure last longer as they do in salons. Maybe it’s no coincidence that professionals do it!
2. Fast Drying of Nail Polish: Instead of spending lots of money on professional sprays for fast drying of nail polish, you can use a cooking oil spray, like PAM Cooking spray.
3. Fast Drying of Nail Polish #2: Another, even easier way to make the drying of nail polish faster is to put your freshly painted nails in very cold water. Don’t be scared to make the water ice cold: the colder it is, the faster the nail polish will dry!
4. Use Coconut Oil As Cuticle Cream: Natural products are always the best choice, and another good thing about them is that usually there at much reasonable prices than professional products. Coconut Oil can be used efficiently as a cuticle cream, but also as part of your skincare and haircare!



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