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Easy Cure for Chapped Soles: Aspirin Paste


Chapped soles are a very unpleasant issue and it can be easily solved with a simple healing paste which contains aspirin. Grind ten Aspirin tablets and add 250 ml vodka. Leave the mix in a dark place for 1-2 days (Don’t worry: the aspirin will not entirely dissolve). Apply some of the mixture on gauze and bandage your soles with it. After that wrap them with nylon and put socks on. Leave it like that for one night. On the next morning remove everything, wash your feet with water, dry them and apply an oily cream or lotion.

Repeat the procedure every night. You will need about ten days for your feet to completely get rid of the rough skin and the callosities. Remove them with a towel or a special brush for feet, and don’t forget to moisturize your soles after that.

The same mixture can be helpful in cases of varicose veins and osteochondrosis.



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