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Earrings – The Irreplaceable Accessory


Today, earrings are one of the most popular accessories. Their fans are both men and women, and

there are thousands of designs and styles to suit every taste.

Do you know that the earrings have a fascinating history – they are much more than a simple piece

of metal. At the beginning earrings were only for the males. Ancient warriors from Egypt and Greece

put them on their ears, as it was considered a sign of bravery. However in ancient Rome , earrings

worn only by slaves.

Gradually these accessories become popular among the women. Rich ladies loved to decorate their

ears with precious metals and this way to demonstrate high social status.

In the early 13th century, wearing earrings was forbidden, as the church said no one should change the body God gave them. Only the lower parts of the society such as pirates and thieves did not obey and continued to wear these accessories.

In India, the earrings are a highly respected ornament . In some parts of the country there are special ceremonies, which provide the children with their first pair of earrings. In Russia, earrings often have symbolic meaning when worn by men. If a man wears his earring onto the left ear, it means he has lost his father and if he wears it on his right ear it means he is the only son in the family.

As you can see the history of earring is pretty interesting, but what`s more interesting is the fact that today they are the irreplaceable accessory for every woman. They are part of the huge fashion industry, jewelry brands design and produce a wide variety of earrings to satisfy the sophisticated taste of every lady and do you know what`s a cutting edge trend in 2014? Big and Extraordinary!

This year there were a few “dictators”, who literally flooded the market. On of them are the summer earrings by Oscar De La Renta. Undoubtedly the talented American fashion designer was one of the hits with his elongated pattern earrings.

Another designer, worth mentioning is Kenneth Jay Lane, with his summer pattern of beautiful, colourful earrings, with 22 carat gold plating.

In 2015 Lulu Forst will definitely be the lord of the earrings, with its unique quartz earrings.

Unusual designer attracted the attention with its unique autumn /winter collection, we saw a few weeks ago. It revealed a unique design and deserves a place at the forefront of fashion charts!

Earrings will continue their domination with catchy and stylish designs in 2015, as they are a wonderful addition to every great outfit. They could be found in almost everywhere, providing you with a great variety of deigns to choose from. Don`t be afraid to buy and try – this is how you will find the most suitable for you – those, which will express yourself.

Earrings are a lovely accessory – never underestimate them. They could change the whole visual appearance of your face, thanks to their shapes and colours. Be ready to experiment and don`t forget to put your earrings on, next time when you are going out!


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