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I did it Creative Fashion – Dress DIY Tutorial


Are you ready for the summer? Did you enable yourself with bright short dresses to wear on the beach or during the hot urban days? No matter what your answer is, the real girl always needs one more dress. What is more, now you have the chance to make one yourself. You will only need a large, bright-coloured T-shirt (you can borrow one from your boyfriend).

1. Cut off the sleeves and right below the neck, as shown on the picture. The bigger part will be the dress bottom and the sleeves will be the top of the dress.
2. Cut off the sleeves, in order to make a large piece of fabric, which will be the top of the dress(make sure the fabric hem is at the upper side, as you might want to add elastic there). In addition cut two identical rectangles.
3. Match the upper and the bottom part of the dress
4. Time to sew. First – sew the main parts and then sew the side seams as well.
5. You will need to sew elastic just under the bust, where the two parts match each other. If you don`t like doing this, you can always use a belt instead.
6. Your creation is almost ready – turn it inside out and check if it fits. If the T-shirt is not stretchy enough- you may need to add elastic to the upper part – simply feed this through the top hem.

Congratulations, you just added one more dress to your summer wardrobe.

Dress DIY


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