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Do’s and Don’ts of avoiding cellulite


  Nobody wants to go to the beach and show off cellulite skin but almost all women get cellulite at some point of their lives. The only thing we can do is to slow the formation of the “orange skin” by eating certain foods and avoiding others and, of course, doing regular excercise. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of battling cellulite:

  • Drink at least 1 glass of fresh orange juice a day. As we know, citrus fruits are the biggest enemy of “orange skin”.

  • Avoid drinking too much coffee and tea because they help wash off all the mineral substances in your body. If you drink them, don’t put sugar. Also, you shouldn’t drink alcohol more than a glass of wine a day.

  • Follow a diet. Maybe the most important thing is to be careful what you eat. Stay away from proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Eat potatoes for cellulite-free skin. Because they’re high in potassium, they help your body release wate faster. You can also eat avocado, bananas, cabbage, wheat, barley, mushrooms.

  • Alternate hot and cold dishes. For lunch eat cold dishes and for dinner – hot.

  • Eat food high in lecithin – eggs, soy, cauliflower.

  • Eat food high in antioxidants – strawberries, pomegranate, grapes and citrus fruits.



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