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Don’t Leave Your Beach Body


What if the winter is coming? That doesn’t mean that you have to be lazy and calm enough to skip workouts and exercises. Check out these great ways for saving your abs:

First of all you should know that if you want to get rid of fat on your belly, you will lose fat all over your whole body. You can’t change only one part of your body when you are working on it. So, getting abs and losing belly fat means that you will get thinner all over your body, which is nice, right?

Diet tips

Forget about the soda. You should think of what are putting inside your stomach and what it will cause to your body. A bottle of soda contains almost 250 calories. In order to satisfy your thirst you can drink freshly squeezed fruits or water with lemons.

Forget about the fast food. Especially fried ones. Try to prepare homemade meals, which will save you some money and fat, both.

Five meals? Try to have five meals daily. It sounds like a lot of food, but it’s not a lot at all. Two of them should be fresh fruits and veggies and that will keep you fed and energetic. And also your main meals will be smaller when you are not starving.

Don’t starve. When we talk about starving, the most essential trick for keeping your belly flat and toned you should NOT starve. Do not starve and do not skip any meals!

Fiber power. As long as your bread is fiber-rich your meals will be nutritious and flat-belly-friendly.

As long as you keep your servings small the things will be great, because it’s better to eat often and small amounts of food instead eating twice a day large amounts of food.

Exercise tips 

Remember the inverted bicycle? Lie on your back and move your legs like you are riding an invisible bicycle. This exercise is perfect for keeping your stomach muscles toned.

Crunches. Do them with an exercise ball. Rest your lower back on the ball and place your feet on the ground. Now do the crunches. This upgraded crunches are better because just balancing your body onto the ball is a great workout for your core.

Sit-ups. That’s the way to workout your beach-abs and your beach-butt.

Leg raises. Perfect workouts for your lower muscles of your stomach. You don’t want to have a little low bump, right?

Fast walking. This one is perfect for lazy days, when you are tired, but at least you should know that walking fast is a great workout for your flat belly.

A spin class. Spin it hard, spin it passionately. Spinning is great for toning your entire body.

How about Yoga. Most Yoga moves help strengthen your core, which is great for your abs.

Cardio. Running, jogging, swimming, dancing classes. Choose your favorite cardio exercise and rock it!

Remember to squeeze hard when you are working out and to keep your posture good and strong. And mostly – have fun!



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