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Do It Right – The Best Way To Apply Mascara


The market is flooded by so many brands offering cosmetic products that we often feel confused when choosing our makeup items.

One of the makeup tools, which every girls should own is the mascara and although they always promise volume and thickness, the secret to beautiful lashes is mainly in the way of application.

Many girls thing that mascara works like a magic wand and makes the lashes big just because of its qualities, however this is not completely true.

We must admit there are some products, which are not worth a penny, but in most cases we should be well aware of how to apply this kind of makeup.

In this tutorial, we`ve prepared a few steps, which will help you catch the trick of beautiful eyelashes. Simply follow the steps below.

One more tip – when using a mascara try to put the stick into the bottle as rare as possible, because every time you let it in and out, air is brought into the bottle, which ruins the mascara and makes it flaky.




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