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DIY Yummy Braided Bread


Freshly baked homemade bread is simply fantastic. Years ago, it was an usual practice to bake bread at home, however today we just buy it from the super market. But have you tried to bake bread yourself? I can reassure you it is very rewarding, especially if you make it look good – like the one we are going to show you today.

It is a very nice braided bread. You need to prepare a bread dough of your choice and then simply follow the step by step guide below, which will show you how to shape it. There is nothing complicated, so don`t worry. At the end, brush the dough with yolk to make the crispy crust and bake it in an oven. You can also add some seeds, such as sesame for example to make the bread taste even better.


braided bread



  1. Sofia Hincapie Rivera on

    hay yo lo hice y me quedo super bueno ahy y porque me quedo un poquito deforme pero me quedo delicioso gracias por decirme como hacer el pan quedo mas rico que el de la panaderia gracias ok

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