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DIY Wool Heart Gift


These are so cute and however you give them to as a gift are going to love them!

Perfect for your mum, your bestie or the guy in your life, say I love you in the cutest way ever!

You will need these materials: Strong card, pencil, scissors, glue and wool

Start off by using a pencil to draw a heart shape on the strong card. Then use scissors to cut out the heart shape.

Once this is done, take your different colors of wool and cut into pieces (the pieces should be long

enough to go from one end of the heart all the way around to the other side).

Now take one piece of wool and wrap it around the card heart. Attach by using a small amount of glue to hold in place.

Repeat the process by attaching the wool in all different slants and directions to add a 3D effect. Thats it!



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