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DIY: Wax Candles


Do you want to give your room a nice, fresh and unique look? It is time to create something new and interesting – home wax candles! Following the steps below, you can craft some interesting wax lumieres to decorate your home. For this project you will need: high melt wax, some balloons, a double boiler and candles.

First of all, very carefully and at a low heat melt some wax in the double boiler. Fill the balloons with tepid water. The wax lumieres can be made in any size, depending on how big you make the balloons. When the wax is warm enough, dip the water balloon in the wax. Do not dip the entire balloon and be very careful not to dip it into the wax past the water level! This could cause the balloon to pop. Make sure it gets a thick layer while slowly raising and lowering the balloon in and out of the wax. Once you are happy with the thickness, carefully place the balloon down on a flat surface.

When the wax is completely cooled, pop the balloon with a needle or a knife and let the water drain out. Finally, add some candles inside and you are ready! You can make different sizes of wax lumieres and group them together to create a romantic atmosphere.


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