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DIY Wall Art: Kids Room


Making your kids bedroom colorful and playful can add an extra piece of creativity in your child.

This DIY idea simply needs a frame, measuring tape, colored pencils and glue. Approximate time to complete: 10 – 20 mins

Lets get started:

1. Begin by making sure the backboard of the frame is smooth, free of dirt etc

2. Get the measuring tape and cut the tape to the exact width of the frame backboard

download (1) (12)

3. Now glue this piece of measuring tape to the backboard with glue

4. Allow to fully dry

5. Now arrange your colored pencils to where you wish them to be placed

download (2) (12)

6. Apply a small bit of glue to the pencil on one side and attach to the backboard

7. Continue step 6 until all pencils are attached

8. Leave the glue to fully dry – leave the frame in a flat surface

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When the glue is dried, you can now hang your piece of kid art!


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