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DIY: Vintage Lace T-shirt


Fashion designers have not always been that famous, they just got the chance to show their talent. But do you know what`s common for all people with passion for fashion – they live for it. Today we are going to show you another great way to transform your old T-shirt.

It is pretty simple, but you`ll need some sewing skills. Basically get a piece of beautiful vintage lace and an old, plain t-shirt and we are ready to start.

Turn the t-shirt inside out and pin it at the back – exactly where you want the lace to be. Then sew carefully , using a sewing machine. When the lace is well-secured, you need to cut off the unnecessary fabric at the back.

Now you only need to turn the t-shirt inside out again and you can wear it. Congratulations, you are getting closer to being a well-known fashion designer!



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