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DIY: Transform your boring lamp in to a cute one!


DIY: Transform your boring lamp in to a cute one!


A plain lampshade becomes simply boring BUT… The surprise is all you need is a paper flower on the inside lining that’s visible only when the lamp is turned on.


Here’s what to do:


Find a Template you would like to use

White lampshade

Cutting mat or thick cardboard

Medium-weight white rice paper

Craft knife

Repositionable spray adhesive (like 3M Spray Mount Artist’s Adhesive)



TIP! Before cutting your design, test a bit of the rice paper against your lampshade.

The paper should be opaque enough to leave a visible shadow.




Adjust the design to fit your lamp shade. 

It’s fine if you need to trim the tip from a top or bottom petal ― a little cropping adds cool drama!



Cut out the design. 


Lay down a cutting mat or cardboard then tape your template to a sheet of rice paper.

Use a craft knife to cut out your flower on top of the cardboard or mat


3. Alternate the design’s light and dark stripes. 

Cut out a strip from the middle of every other petal, following the template.


Turn over the cutout strips, spray with adhesive, and stick them to the rest of the plain petals


4. Apply adhesive to the design. 

First, decide where on the shade you want to place the blossom; avoid the seam.


Then spray adhesive to the flower, being sure to cover the entire surface.

If the adhesive makes the paper curl, you can hold it down with a chopstick or pencil.


5. Stick the design on the lampshade. 

Lift your adhesive-coated flower and place it sticky side down on the lampshade’s liner. (It may help to hold the shade on your lap with the base open toward you.) Position the center first, then each petal in turn, adjusting to avoid overlaps.


When the flower is aligned to your liking, press it firmly to secure it and remove any wrinkles or air pockets.


Then attach the shade to your lamp base. Done!



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