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DIY Tie-dye Denim Vest


Wondering what to do with an old denim jacket? Why don`t you make a vest – a tie-dyed one. It won`t cost you lots of efforts, but it required time before being ready to wear.

First, cut off the sleeves, as close to the hem as possible.

Then, using a thin rope tie the newly-created vest as shown on the picture. Prepare a solution of water and bleach into a suitable bowl/bucket and soak the jacket for about 20 minutes.

In the mean time you can check Facebook, read some of our tutorials or simply stare at the wall.

Take the vest out, rinse with water and un-tie. As you can see the effect is marvelous. Let it dry and wear with style. Enjoy your new vest – it is gorgeous and you`ve just saved an old jacket.

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