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DIY – The Swinging Chair


To heck with both feet on the ground!

Now’s the time to put your ideas up in the air! I’ve gathered a bunch of supafly D.I.Y to give wings to anything you’ve got around the house (well, almost!).

By showing you a bunch of different applications (from chunky sofas to delicate D.I.Y hanging planters) I hope you’ll all find a little something to get your DIY juices flowin’ in the mix – Enjoy!

P.S We will be bringing you ‘up in the air’ ideas over a series of articles so keep your eyes peeled!




Chair, paint, hooks and rope = up in the air swinging chair!

Firstly take your chair and paint it the color required (make sure you have at least 2 or 3 coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before adding another)

Attach 2 heavy duty hooks to the place you wish to have your swing – we chose outside in the garden!



Attach the rope to the hooks and the chair (make sure they are securely attached) and there you have it – your own little ‘up in the air’ swing! Enjoy!



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