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DIY String Pendant Light


Make your home cute and cozy. This DIY Lamp will enlighten your days and nights, and what`s more – you`ll be proud to say you did it yourself. It is not difficult, but be warned – it could be time consuming and messy. The result however is astonishing, so it is totally worth it.

You will need a balloon or an inflatable ball, string, white glue, warm water, cooking spray and of course – disposable gloves.

1. Draw a circle onto the ball – for best results, just trace something round.

2.Prepare the glue -mix the white glue with some warm water (wallpaper glue is also fine) and spray the ball with the cooking spray(you can also use petroleum jelly)

3.Feed the string into the glue and start wrapping it around the ball, but don`t cover the circle, you`ve made.

4. Let it dry overnight and pull off the ball.

Voila. You have a stylish lamp made by you.

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