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DIY Snowflake Wall Art




Changing out your artwork during the festive period has never been so easy…and inexpensive!  


Create snowflake canvases quickly and cherish them for years to come.


What youll need(for two canvases):


2 x 18″ square artist canvas

2 x laser cut felt snowflake pieces

5/8 yard burlap



Step 1: 

Cut your burlap so that there will be a large overlap around the edge.  

Place the canvas face down onto the burlap’s wrong side



Step 2: 

On one edge, run a bead of hot glue along the bottom of the canvas



Step 3: 

Pull the burlap up over the glue on the canvas and pull the material tight to the canvas, making sure as the glue dries, that it is straight.  Glue the other side the same way



Step 4: 

To secure the other two sides, you will have to fold over the material a bit to get a clean edge.  

Glue the other two sides down



Step 5: 

Find the center of your canvas by measuring and using a pin to mark it



Step 6: 

Place the felt piece center of the canvas.  

Adjust and shift to get it just right, aligning the edges and making sure uniform


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Step 7: 

Using the hot glue gun, glue the felt piece to the canvas in sporadic spots.  

It doesn’t take much glue to secure.



Hang and enjoy!



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