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DIY Skin Products or What to Replace with What


Sometimes we run out of a special product that we really need, but we don’t have time to run to the drugstore or pharmacy to buy it. Or sometimes we want to turn to something more natural and see if it is as good as products sold in stores. Here are a few interesting alternative replacements or just other uses for beauty products:


  • Conditioner as Shaving CreamYes, it is a great surprise, but you can actually use your conditioner instead of a shaving cream. When shaving without any product on your skin you risk to cut yourself easier, so don’t understimate it. You can also add a little shampoo, coconut oil and/or bodylotion if you don’t want to use a great amount of your conditioner (if it is an expensive one and you want to save it, for instance)


  • Easy Body-ScrubIf you want to exfoliate, but you haven’t stocked up on body scrub, here is an alternative: add some brown sugar to some of your body wash and apply it to your skin! Brown sugar serves as a great exfoliator, but if you feel it is a bit too harsh for you, just add a little coconut oil or honey to smooth it a little bit.


  • Removing Yellow Stains from NailsIf your nails have gone yellow due to bad habits, unhealthy diet or stress, you can fight them in a low period of time. Use a clean toothbrush (not your own!) and apply a whitening tooth paste to your nails with it. If you have dark shadows from a dark nail polish, it should be able to remove them too.



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