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DIY: Sequin Pocket Skirt


We all have an old skirt or dress that looks just pale and boring. It is time to make it a lot more interesting and fun to wear by adding patterned pockets! With two simple steps, you can create a unique and stylish piece of clothing. And the best thing about it is that it takes only 10 minutes! For this project, you will need: skirt, stapler, paillettes, tacky glue and sequins.

Step One: Using the larger paillettes, staple them in rows along the pockets. After you have stapled all of the larger paillettes, use the stapler to secure the smaller ones sporadically.

Step Two: Use glue for the smallest sequins to cover any showing staples. Make sure you cover the entire pocket. You can mix different colors to make it more interesting.

Repeat the two steps on the other side of the skirt. Now you have two great patterned pockets! This sequin skirt will be adorable to match with a colorful blouse, skirt or jacket. Add some piece of sparkling jewelry and you are ready to go!



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