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DIY Scary Nails!



Scary (but cute!) nail art for Halloween!


Boo-tiful nail art design for Halloween!


This cute themed nail design gives a perfect manicure with a seriously spooky twist!


What you will need:


Orange, black and white nail polish

Nail polish dotting pen



Tip: For every step, make sure you allow the polish to dry before completing next steps


  1. Paint all thumb nail black


  1. Next finger nail orange (continue to paint all nails with alternating colors)


  1. Use your dotting pen on black finger nails to add 2 small circles to being our eyes


  1. Wait for the nail polish to dry then use your dotting pen to add black dots to the white circles (repeat steps for all black colored nail polished nails)


  1. Use the dotting pen to add black nail polish to outline the word ‘Boo’ to each orange painted finger nail


  1. Wait to dry


  1. Now use your dotting pen to add circles within the outlined letters (repeat steps for all orange colored nail polished nails)


Now you’re ready to go out and freak!



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