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DIY Ruffle Scarf


In this tutorial we will show you how to make an awesome ruffle scarf. Here we go:

  1. First take one T-Shirt, a plate and scissors.
  2. Use your plate as a template and cut circles into your T-shirt with your scissors. Try and get as many circle cutouts as possible.
  3. Next you’re going to want cut spirals into your circles. You can make them thick or thin. Thick spirals will give you a short scarf, while thin spirals will give you a longer scarf. For more volume you can do a combination of both.
  4. Now place your fabric strips evenly on door knob.
  5. Then cut off the cuff of your sleeve to use as a band to tie your new Ruffle Scarf!
  6.  Finally center your scarf behind your neck evenly and use your sleeve tie to comfortably secure your new scarf around your neck.


DIY Ruffle Scarf


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