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DIY Receipe Book for Mothers Day


Mum is gonna love this!

Every mother needs a recipe book and what better than to give her, her own personalized one for Mothers Day? (and it wont cost you much, dont tell her!!

All you need is a hard backed book, glue, different colored pens and some family pictures of your choice (and not forgetting some yummy recipes!)

Begin by choosing the photos that you know your mum will love (make sure the ones chosen will fit on the cover of the book)

Now using glue, glue down the photos on to the front cover of the book (remember to keep some space to add the following writing):

A personal message from you, happy mothers day wishing and the date or personalized however you would like! TIP: Its nice to write in different colors to make the front cover bright

Now add your recipes inside by writing them or printing them out and gluing them inside

I like to add pictures through the book of my family eating but thats just my personal touch!

I also like to leave some sparse pages free for mum to add her own pictures or recipes.

Super easy and mum is going to love this gift!


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