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DIY: Rag Roll your hair


DIY: Rag Roll your hair


Believe us when we say you can achieve beautiful hair yourself and saving loads of cash from going to the salon.

Make it curl this season with Rag Roll Curls – Super hot, super easy and simply beautiful!



Step 1: Grab some clean rags that you don’t need



Step 2: Take a section of hair and roll towards the head



Step 3: Take a rag and tie it around the ‘bun’ like piece of hair –

not too tight not too loose



Step 4: Repeat this step – completing all sections of hair



Step 5: Sleep on it!



Step 6: Begin to take out the rags – try to use a small stick like

object to ensure you do not ‘drop’ any of the curls



Step 7: Raggin’ is done!



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