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DIY Pretty Princess braid


Every girl has a favourite princes, but what`s common about all the heroines in the fairy tales? That`s right their incredible beauty and hair. In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to turn yourself or your little sister into a real princes with a simple braid.

Just separate the hair in the middle and French braid on each side, with little twists around the ears. When you reach the end of the head from each side, you will need to combine both braids into one. Secure with a band and pull the braid aside to loosen it and make it look bigger. Now, that`s really magical, just like a fairy tale heroine.

Braids are always a great idea, especially when you have beautiful, long hair and wonder what to do with it. There are numerous braiding hairstyles and today we`ve decided to show you how to make a princess braid style, because we think it is just great.

Look for pictures of fairy tale princesses and try to recreate their hairstyles – we are sure everyone will be impressed with your skills, imagination and beauty! 




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