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DIY – Party Perfect Glam Roll


Hello,  ladies !

Today i am going to show you how to do party perfect glam roll. 

Are you ready ?

Here we go :

First step is to part your hair in line with the arch in your left eyebrow , then curl it. After that take a large – barrel curling iron and create a slight bend in your hair from the midshaft down.

Next step is sectioning your hair and hold it  to the right of your part.

Then your go with warping your hair around the stem of rattail comb. . Wrap your hair over , under and then over again until you reach the end of the comb’s stem.

Secure with bobby pins before sliding the handle out of the rolled style. Then secure the roll also.

Take a U-shaped bobby pin and insert it in toward the back of the roll diagonally to the right and then angle it slightly to the left and proceed to tuck it to the left pull the roll even tighter .

Voila !



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