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DIY Paper Flower


In this article we will show you how to create an awesome paper flower. Here we go:

First tear colorful ads from magazines. With the colors you would like to see more of facing up fold the page in half and then concertina each side back on its self so you have 3 folds

Then use the shredding scissors to cut along the strip, do not cut all the way down, leave at least 1cm uncut. Once it’s all cut take a wooden skewer and tale the end of the cut paper strip to it.

After that gently twist the skewer as hold the strip to roll it around the skewer. Once rolled take some more tape and wrap it tightly round the base pulling the paper in at the base.

Finally take the floral tape, hold one at the base of the flower and pull it round while twisting the skewer, stretching it slightly as you go around and down length of the skewer.


DIY Paper Flower



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