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DIY Ombre Vase


 What a lovely way to dress up a table…. This Ombre Vase is afast and easy to do, so here goes!

Get the following materials:

Glass juice jug

Acrylic paint (color of your choice)

White acrylic paint

Small container to mix the paint

Paint Brush

Here’s how!

1. Start by removing any labels or residue from the glass juice bottle

2. No using your paint – paint the bottom of the glass jug with a paint brush

3. Now here is where the white paint comes in, add to the paint a small amount of the white paint and use this to apply the next stripe of color

4. Now add more white to the mixture to make it a paler color again and paint your next stripe

5. Keep repeating the process until the whole vase is covered in paint

6. Allow to dry and add your flowers!



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