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DIY Ombre Jeans


We all have at least one pair of old jeans, which were once the favorite ones, but are too boring today. In this case , it is quite difficult to throw them away. There is a better solution – ombre jeans. A fresh look for the good oldies.

Just make sure the jeans are light enough and prepare the following items:

Warm water

Old white sheet

3 Textile dyes of your choice – same tone, different shades (fading ones is best)

Spray bottle

So first, you need to soak your jeans into the warm mater, squeeze and lay them flat onto the old sheet. Then start with the strongest dye you have and spay on the top. Pull over and spray the back part, too. When you are done, continue with a lighter shade – basically the same procedure. Repeat with the lightest dye and let them dry for 24 hours.

Then wash in cold water with no detergent. Some of the dye will get washed – this will blend the colour everywhere jeans, which could be quite awesome. However if you want to avoid it, add salt to the dye and let them stay for 48 hours before washing.

Believe it or not – you have a new pair of jeans! Congrats!



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