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DIY Ombre Dye T-shirt


We love showing you how to bring your old clothes back to life or how to make the plain ones awesome. This tutorial  is about the ombre dyed white t-shirt, which everyone of us has in their wardrobe. You will need blue dye (or any other colour of your choice) suitable utility to pour water and gloves. Mix the dye with water.

To get the ombre effect and leave part of the t-shirt white, please stick some tape as shown on the picture. This will prevent the dye from painting areas, which you don`t need. Then put 2/3 of the part you want dyed into the water and let it stay. Some of the dye will simply soak through the textile and you`ll get the desired ombre effect.

Let it dry and then wash carefully using cold water – this will make the excess dye disappear. Let it dry again and wash just in case.

After that you are ready to go boast with your newly created ombre T-shirt. Who knows, sooner or later you may make a living out of it! Enjoy!

DIY dip dye t-shirt tutorial step by step



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