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DIY Ombre Cake Tutorial


This ombre cake tutorial is just beautiful, don’t you think? You want to try it? Here is how:

First put your butter cream in a large bowl. Add enough food coloring to your icing to achieve the darkest color you want to use. Then put a quarter of that icing into a piping bag.  Add enough white icing to the bowl to achieve the next color. Continue until you have four shades of icing in piping bags.

Begin by piping four dots in a row. Grab your offset spatula and gently bring it down onto the middle of the bottom icing dot. Press down and drag. Repeat with each dot.

Now you’re ready to start on the cake. Starting at the bottom of the cake, pipe a dot of your darkest color. Above it pipe a dot of the next color. Repeat until you have reached the top of the cake. Voila!


DIY ombre cake tutorial


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