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DIY- Necklace


Ladies of you love wearing jewelries this tutorial is exactly for you .

Now i i am going to show you how to make this very beautiful and stylish necklace .

First pick up all the materials and tools you need :

seed beads ( you can choose more than one color )

jewelry thread;

2 silver cones;

2 silver jump rings;

silver lobster clasp;


2 head pins;


2 needle nose pliers;

jewelry needle;


How to make it :

Start by stringing seed beads onto jewelry thread . You will need four sets of three strands . two i each color . Long 30 inches .

Tie strands together and tape to the table . Then separate each set of three strands by color .

Start on the right and move to the left . The technique is simple : take grouping 1 and weave it over grouping 2, under grouping 3 and over 4.

Just follow the steps below and you will not have problem .

Next step is to take the new group three and to weave it over group two and under one.

After that take 2 put it under 3 and over 4 .

Now repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach  the end .

When you are done braiding wrap some thread around all the seed beads strands.

Cut the ends . Tie everything up to prevent other beads from falling off. Make a big knot !

Insert a head pin into silver cone . Cut the wire and create a loop . Make two of these . Then attach a jump ring to one silver cone and a jump ring and lobster to the other silver cone.

Cut the extra thread add some glue and wait one hour to dry !

Voila !












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