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DIY: Natural Look Eyes


We’re going to show you a way to make your eyes appear natural with some bronzed, calm shades.

You will need: Creme base eyeshadow, light brown eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow, applicator brushes and mascara

For this one ladies, throw away the kohl and liquid eyeliners!

Lets get started:


1. Begin by preparing your eyes with a creme base coat eyeshadow. Apply to the full eyelid with an applicator brush

2. Now at the crease of the eyelid and a little above the crease, apply light brown eye shadow

3. Add a little more light brown eyeshadow to the crease to give a more ‘open eye‘ effect

4. Apply the light brown eyeshadow across the full eyelid

5. Using the dark brown eyeshadow and a thin applicator brush, use this as your upper lid eyeliner (apply as you would a liquid liner). Using an eyeshadow for this creates a more natural look

6. Blend the eyeshadow liner to the rest of the eyeshadow previously applied to the eyelid

7. Using the dark brown eyeshadow and applicatiom brush once again, form a small eyeliner look to under the eyelid (below the eyelashes)

8. Darken up your eyeshadow eyeliner on the upper lashline once again

Your natural look is done, enjoy!


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