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DIY Mobile Stand


You know when your in the office and you put your mobile down (somewhere!) and it gets pilled under all of todays paperwork?

Yeah, well that happens to me everyday and then someone calls and by the time I find it, the call has ended, but no more workaholics!

We’ve trauled the good old internet for some cool, cheap and fun ways to make a stand for your mobile so its always in one place (genius!!)

mobile stand

Grab those paperclips, join them together and voila!

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Simply bend a paperclip and use one side to stand up your phone whilst the other one supports the back of your mobile!

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That old bank card that you dont want to throw out, now you have a use for it afterall!

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Grab all your kids lollypop sticks and attach them together with glue!

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Use your tablet case!


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