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DIY Makeup: Create Your Own Makeup Cocktails


We all love our makeup products and we are loyal to them – because they work. They look great with our complexion. But wait – what about making your favorite make up look better by mixing it with other beauty products that you already have. Just maximize your beauty products by being a makeup mixologist. Check out this DIY tutorial:

Highlighter + moisturizer

Mastering the tool is really tricky, that’s why mixing a skin moisturizer and a highlighter is great way to get a glowing complexion without all the precise dabbing.


Foundation + sunscreen

You want to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Just mix the foundation with a mineral sunscreen. This combination melts really nice into skin and a reflective quality on the sunscreen, enhances you glow.


Loose pigment  + cream shadow

Blending a bright loose power with a cream shadow will give your bold hue staying power. It is also a great way to customize your own eyeliner.



Lipstick + lip balm

Mixing a multiple lipsticks with a creamy lip balm makes it easier to blend lipstick shades together. Also the balm will prevent your lips from drying out and will keep the shade from being to matte or heavy-looking.



Bronzer + Body lotion

Mixing body bronzer with lotion is a great solution if you accidentally purchase bronzer that’s a little too dark for your face. Plus, if you use this beauty concoction just before the beach, the shimmer actually helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. Also the body lotion will ensure the subtle sparkle sticks to your skin.



Loose pigments + lip gloss

Just add a bit of your blush or loose eyeshadow to a lip gloss for an exact match. It would make a fabulous lip color.

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